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Choose Your Painting Style

What sets us apart from other painting event companies is that we offer a variety of painting styles of your choosing. Our lessons aim to fit the technique that best suits your taste as well as your interest in the art of painting.


Acrylic Expressionism painting

This freeform style focuses on expressing an emotional experience rather than recreating an impression of reality.

This approach to painting never seizes to please the crowd with it's minimal restrictions that urge people to release "Their inner Picasso". Expressionism is liberating art form that is guided by experience, is un-planned, and lacks judgement of what does and does not work. It begins with a blank canvas and the incorporation of a small pre-made image of your choosing that acts as the first stepping stone towards the unpredictable journey of expressionism painting.

Recreate Imagery

Recreate a painting of your choosing

Learn advanced painting techniques through the recreation of an image.

This style is geared towards those wanting to learn painting techniques that stretch beyond the teaching environment. This is a legitimate educational (and enjoyable) lesson that leaves the participant with more knowledge and confidence in regards to painting techniques. Contact us for more
information regarding our variety of techniques to help us appropriately match the vibe and style you seek to learn.

Remix Images

Painting from the imagination

An extremely liberating technique that begins by painting on a previously made work of art.

This is great for those looking to learn without the intimidation of the blank canvas. It has also been reported to be a very healing approach to painting as it emphasizes the act of creation over the desire to reach the end result. This style has very few rules but holds endless possibilities when it comes to the final result and the enjoyment that pairs with it. This is a great class for beginners and those new to the world of painting.

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