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Painting for Beginners 101

*For Supplemental Material Download See Below

Entertain your kids for hours! Or learn a new hobby and skill. FUN FOR ALL AGES! Discover how to transform an image onto a canvas while learning the tips and tricks of painting while simultaneously gaining comfortability with the paintbrush through this "paint by numbers" lesson.

This step-by-step acrylic painting course is designed to help ignite your passion for painting and was created for ALL AGES! The course includes the black & white sketch seen above so there is a clear blueprint for the foundation to help ensure a successful and enjoyable outcome. Also, learn a new skill regarding image transferring for future projects and paintings.

Keep your kids busy so you can finally relax. This course was designed to ignite the hunger for painting and there are many more beginners lessons to come so get your kid hooked on a healthy hobby so you can have more time for yourself.

After purchasing the course click below for the material list and supplemental download.

Painting for Beginners_Materials & Download
Download PDF • 556KB

To purchase this course and learn ALL the details go to:

And to see other courses visit our App site and learn more:

For a better grasp of what this course has to offer watch a 45 second time-lapse of the entire course.

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