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"Paint Away the Pain" A Very Therapeutic Technique

"Paint Away the Pain” is about using the act of painting as a form of emotional release as well as a new approach to painting and perspective. Professor Alexzandra has invented a new approach to therapeutic painting that simultaneously strengthens your creative abilities as well as your creative intuition. This class is rewarding on many levels and past testimonies all agree that it is a life and perspective-altering class. This teaching technique guarantees beginners to take home a finished piece of art and the advanced to experience a cathartic transformation in their approach to the act of painting. Professor Alexzandra’s method will continue to ignite your imagination beyond the classroom and will help unlock your imagination to the limitless ideas that often stay hidden behind the emotions that are in need to be released. You begin with pre-made image, framed, and ready to be you and any trapped emotion just begging to be transmuted. So come paint away the pain and discover a new approach to painting that could have a ripple effect beyond the canvas.

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